Here are some of the common questions that we get from potential clients. Have a question that you would love to get answered? Email us here!

Do I need a wedding planner?

Yes! A wedding planner will ease your stress when it comes to planning your wedding. At the very least, you should book a wedding planner for a Month of Coordination package so that you can enjoy the day you have spent months planning rather than setting up the table decor!

Can a wedding planner really save me money?

Yes, a wedding planner can help you navigate the wedding & events industry. We also have partnerships discounts that we love to share with our clients, including but not limited to streaming your live event to invitations.

What types of weddings do you plan?

We plan everything from Event Management (Month of Coordination) to Full Planning. We also offer Wedding & Event Design.

“You were so great to work with communication & coordinating both events. We are so thankful for you”

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