Hitchin’ Legally in Texas

Alright, lovebirds, let’s talk about the backstage pass to your happily-ever-after extravaganza – your marriage license! While the wedding day steals the spotlight, snagging a marriage license is like the secret handshake that seals the deal legally. In the Texas two-step of wedding planning, it’s time to kick off those cowboy boots and shimmy through the process of obtaining a marriage license.

Picture this: a marriage license is like a backstage pass to the wedding concert. It doesn’t steal the show, but it makes the main event legit. And guess what? This ain’t a rodeo; it’s the county clerk’s office that handles the marriage license all behind the scenes. Make sure your documents are in shape! Think IDs, social security numbers, and that hard-earned cash for the application fee.

Ready to get started? First, track down the nearest county clerk’s office. Next, fill out the application form. Finally, you need to go down together to the office and bring all the documents you gathered. Don’t forget to about that application fee!

Hold your hoses, once you have that license. There’s a little period of 72 hours before the big “I do.” And remember, the license expires in 90 days! Make sure to time your wedding right!

Now we have mention the application fee quite a few times so let’s talk money, honey! The cost of your marriage license varies depending on the county you’re fixin’ to tie the knot in. Rodeos aren’t free, so make sure to know the fee beforehand so there are no surprises.

Non-Texas residents can snag a marriage license here too, but make sure to make it official within state lines. And if you are military, special rules will apply.

After The Wedding

The vows have been said, the dances danced, and the tears cried – it’s time to wrap things up. You’ll need to make sure that everything is official. You will need take the signed and sealed marriage license back to the county clerk’s office. This isn’t just a suggestion, folks – it’s how you get your love stamped and approved in the eyes of the law.

And here’s your pro tip for you! Get some certified copies to show proof which is very important when it coming to changing your name, legal paperwork, etc. You can order those through the county clerk’s office.

You’ve just become a marriage license wrangler extraordinaire! While the wedding bells rings and the cake gets cut, your marriage license is the glue that make it official in the eyes of the law. Here’s a great link for our Texas-couples!

Still have questions? Reach out to us and we would be happy to guide all the way!


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