Wedding Show Tips for Couples

Bridal & Wedding Shows are a great place to meet different vendors and gain ideas for your upcoming wedding! Your local wedding show will be have several different vendors in all the categories that you need (and some you might not be even looking for!). Here are some tips to give you through the experience of a bridal show:

  • Comfy shoes are a must! There will be a lot of walking around
  • You will be collecting a lot of business cards and brochures from all sorts of vendors and it’s hard to keep track of them all. Put the ones you are really interested in your pocket or purse and the ones that you want to do more research on in the other bag to keep them separated!
  • If you are really interested in that vendor, sign up for a discovery call right then and there!
  • Create labels with your name, wedding date, phone and email address on them so you don’t have to spend time writing it down at each booth (added bonus is that the vendor can actually read it!).

We would love to hear about your experiences at the wedding shows! Send us your favorite tips for new couples at

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