Q & A with Fil W Media

We sat down with a local Houston photographer and videographer team, Fil W Media. They are a truly amazing couple behind the camera so let’s get to know them!

Photo by Fil Wathen (www.filwmedia.com) @filwmedia,
Venue Iron Manor

How long have you been in photography? 10 years

What services do you offer? Photography (weddings, events, family, senior, head-shots, content corporate photos) and videography (promotional videos)

What is the average time it takes to edit and send the photos out? It depends on the services! Head-shots are usually within 24 hours, family shoots are sent in about a week, and wedding are sent in a month.

Why is it important to book a wedding photographer? Wedding photographers are well versed in the process of a typical wedding day. We can anticipate what’s coming next and are comfortable in being fluid throughout the day. We are creative in our craft, giving clients beautiful memories from one of the most important days of their lives. A good wedding photographer is very knowledge in off camera flash, which is essential in maintaining good lighting through the day.

Fil W Media is a husband and wife team. What difference does that add to the client’s experience? Our connection is a solid foundation in our team. We know each other well and work seamlessly together. We understand and respect the importance of a wedding day, and work very hard to create magical moments for our clients. We are a package deal that has incredible value.

When would you suggest clients reach out to you? We love for clients to reach out to us and have a consultation with us when they are starting the wedding planning process. Making sure that we are a good fit with our clients is important to us. We are going to be with them all day on their most important day and personalities need to mesh well.

Do you have advice for any current engaged couples? When it comes to choosing a photographer, don’t go for cheap. Choose one that you mesh well with, you love their style, and you get a good value for the price. If the photographer you want is more than your budget allows, find ways to cut corners in other areas so you can get the one you really want. It will be worth it, because in the end, your photos are the greatest source of memories from that day.

Do you have advice for newlyweds? You are marrying your best friend, so treat them that way. Make them the first person you go to when you’ve had a great day, a bad day, and everything in between. Open communication is always the best way to live with one another.

Check out Fil W Media on their Instagram and Website. Lisa and Fil are an amazing couple who works with the couple to capture those important moments of one of the biggest days of your lives!

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