Getting Ready On The Big Day

So you’re wedding is finally planned and now you’re figuring what needs to happen while you’re getting ready on your wedding day. We have some complied some great tips and tricks for you so you don’t have to worry!

Make sure that you have plenty of food and drinks while you are getting ready! Stay hydrated! This is the biggest tip that we have, it is very important to stay hydrated while you are getting ready. This may be one of the biggest days of your life but it is also one of the longest. Pick up snacks, drinks, and water from your local store or order in. Assign one person to be in charge of this: a member of your wedding party, an aunt, a cousin, or even another friend!

Create a playlist that you can jam out to or relax the nerves to while you are getting ready. You want to create a fun, relaxing environment for you and the rest of the wedding party. It’s easy to create an awesome playlist on Spotify or Amazon Music or you can get your bestie to take this on your plate. Just remember, your parents, aunts, grandmothers, etc. will be around so keep it appropriate!

If your wedding party needs to be dressed in any specific way, make sure to tell them! Make sure to mention at least a month before so they know what is happening. Remind them the week of to give them plenty of time to get their stuff together (if they have haven’t already)

If you are getting your hair and makeup done, then wear something easy to take off. You want to make sure your makeup won’t smudge and your hair won’t become tousled. Check out our blog post with Lilly Bridal Artistry.

Make sure your wedding party is there on time! If your people are getting dressed on site, then they need to be there 2 hours beforehand. If they are not getting dressed, then they need to be there 1 hour beforehand.

Have someone in your wedding party that is always late? Then tell them a earlier time so they can get on time. If you do this, then they will dressed and ready to go before photos start! Just to make sure to mention this to your planner so they can give a special timeline.

Create a list of everything you need to have! This will help you to remember everything you need such as personal garments, shoes, wallet, etc. Need help with this list? Give it to your bestie, Mom, or someone who will keep you on track!

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