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Wedding planning can be very stressful, no matter who you are! One way to stay sane during the wedding planning process to keep yourself organized from beginning to end. There are so many ways out there to keep yourself organized that is almost overwhelming! We have wrote down a few ways that we love to keep everyone organized. Pick whatever method works best for you and then have fun planning!

Create a separate email for all of your wedding planning needs, one that you and you S.O. has access to. This will allow you to separate everything out so it doesn’t get lost in the chaos.

Insert all of the payment due dates, vendor meetings, and fitting appointments into your calendar. It can be paper and ink or it can be online. Choose what works best!

Hire a wedding planner! Your wedding planner will be a point of contact for you and your vendors, taking some of the stress off your shoulders.

Save your wedding documents on a flash drive or cloud-based drive (like Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.). This will save you some stress if your computer decides to fail!

Keep your vendors’ contact information handy by saving it in your phone.

If you are writing your own vows, then write it down…and type it up, save it on your computer and email it to yourself. You never can be too careful!

Stay organized by keeping all your wedding details (hard copies of your contracts, your guest lists, your seating chart, marriage licenses, etc.) in a folder that you can have on your wedding day. This will allow you to stay calm as well as organized on your big day, just in case something comes up.

Becoming organized can be easy if you let it! Following these tips can make wedding planning much easier and calming for you. Need help staying on track? Then reach out to us here!

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