What You Should Have With You On Your Wedding Day

Your wedding day is a long, monumental day and it is very easy to forget something important at home or at the hotel. Here is a quick checklist to make sure nothing is forgotten!

Drinking straws

Your phone

Phone charger (Make sure your phone is charged the night before!)

A getting ready playlist

Personal Items such as wallet, personal hygiene products, toothbrush & toothpaste, dental floss, socks, shoes, underwear, tissues, ties/bowties, belts, suspenders, hair spray as well blotting paper and your favorite fragrance

Cosmetics for touch-ups such as nail polish, lipstick, etc.

Stain remover (Just in case!)

Wedding rings

Marriage certificate as well any other legal documents that you feel is needed

Any medication that is needed

Snacks and drinks


Breath mints/Gum

A change of clothes (if you are changing afterwards)

A change of shoes

Contact information for your wedding party

Contact information for your wedding vendors

Any decor items that are not handled by a specific vendor

Invitation Suite

Tips for vendors in individual envelopes

Before your wedding day, take the time to write out your own checklist to ensure that you don’t forget anything! Be sure to share it with your Maid of Honor and Best Man so they can remind and double check you. If you happen to forget anything, then talk with your planner and other vendors. They are professionals with the experience so they can think on their feet to come up with a plan to help you out!

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