Your FAQs Answered

Are there age limitations that I need to be aware of for ring bearers and flower girls? There are official rules as how old or young they should be. Please be aware that the younger the child, the more unpredictable they can be.

Any advice if we have children in the wedding party? Don’t make them walk down the aisle if they don’t want to. You can reserve a spot for in the first or second row to sit with their parents or family members rather than having them stand through the ceremony.

Can I have an unequal amount of Bridesmaids and Groomsmen? There are actually many ways to walk down the aisle if there are unequal numbers in the wedding party so you don’t have to worry. Talk with your planner to brainstorm ideas for your ceremony!

Who holds the wedding rings before the service? The rings should go to the most responsible person before the ceremony. This can be the Best Man, the Wedding Officiant or the Ring Bearer. However, when the Ring Bearer is 13 years old or even younger, it is best to let an adult hold on to the expensive pieces of jewelry. You can always have the ring bearer hold on to token rings if needed.

Can I have a Brides-man or Grooms-woman instead of something more traditional? Of course! More and more weddings nowadays have a non-traditional wedding party. Have your Grooms-woman wear the same attire as the bridesmaids and have your Brides-man would wear the same as the Groomsmen.

Do I really need a backup for bad weather? A capital YES! You should have a backup just in case of inclement weather. Talk with your planner and venue to find an alternative area that you can reserve that you can love just as much as your original plan.

Who is invited to the wedding rehearsal? parents, grandparents, wedding party, attendants, ushers, officiant, readers, the wedding planner and anyone else who will be in or a part of the wedding processional and recessional

What is the proper etiquette for receiving wedding gifts? – The proper etiquette for gifts is to mail them to you prior to the wedding day. However, many guests bring the gifts to the reception instead so make sure to provide a small table for those items

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