What I Do As A Wedding Planner

A Peek Into My Process As A Wedding Planner

After over six years in the industry, I’ve come to learn that there are certain parts of my process that my clients are always curious about.

An Overview of My Process

After six years in the industry, I have come to learn that there are certain parts of my process that my clients are consistently curious about, like Wedding Day Timelines and Wedding Design. Mostly, people are curious about these two parts because they don’t understand why they are so important. I happen to love these parts of my process so I can’t wait to give you a small sneak into my process and why they are so important to your wedding day!


One of my favorites (and one of the most important steps) parts of planning a wedding is timelines. Strange, right? But it’s true! I love compiling all of the information that goes into a wedding day to create a detailed itinerary.

A detailed wedding day itinerary is hours upon hours of work placed into one document. The timeline includes every little detail that takes place on the wedding day – everything from the time you are suppose to start your day to vendor arrival time to the strike-down time at the end of the night. It also lists the location of each activity of the day. Properly planned wedding day itineraries are very important to the flow of the day so you can go about the day with no worries!

I have a certification in Wedding Timelines from Timeline Genius and The Bridal Society. You can check it out here! This certification as well as my experience lets me create timelines that have my clients talking about them!


My other favorite part of my process as a wedding planner is design. I love working with different design elements and bringing them together to fulfill my client’s dream wedding. It’s not just putting together what looks pretty. It is being cautious of what is going to be taking place in the room as well as the spacing needed between items and making it look pretty. I love it when a space is functional and gorgeous to look at!

I have spent almost ten years creating gorgeous floor-plans. I have combined my experience, my love of drafting floor-plans with a certificate of Wedding Design Fundamentals (offered by the Bridal Society) so I can offer my clients reassurance that I have their design wishes well in hand.

I have spent six years within the wedding industry., but I am still growing and learning each day. I put all of my knowledge and experience into helping my clients have the wedding of their dreams. If you are wanting to hire a wedding planner, then click here to reach our Contact Us page and schedule a complimentary consultation with us!

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