Having Fur Babies with You On Your Wedding Day!

What You Need To Know Beforehand

Can you have your fur baby with you on your wedding day? YES! But there some things to consider first to ensure that everyone (including your fur baby) is happy and comfortable!

If we could, we would take our fur babies everywhere. So why not your wedding? It could make your special day that much more special. However, there some things you need to consider first before making the decision.


Your guests may not feel comfortable with your pet as they may have a fear of dogs or have a allergic reaction to their fur. Chances are you know who this guest is, so you can give them a heads up!

Hire A Professional

Animals can be unpredictable so have someone there who is professional to take care of your dog, cat, or another fur baby. It’s always better to have a professional versus a family member or friend so that family member or friend isn’t missing any of the important moments of your wedding day. A professional can easily step away from the big events (i.e. the ceremony) when needed but they are still on hand to assist when your dog isn’t staying still for the special moments.

It’s always a great idea to have a professional (or at least a friend) to bring your fur baby home or your AIRBNB once their job is done. They are going to want to step away especially once the party and the loud music starts! You don’t worry to about what they are doing when it’s time to dance!

Other Ways To Include Your Babies

If your fur baby isn’t able to be present on your wedding day, no worries! There’s a lot of ideas on how you can still include them such as featuring them on your bar signage or having a fat head made of them for your open dance floor. Bonus points for doing a doggie treats station so your guests can take some of your pups fave treats back to their own fur babies!

Let us know your favorite ways to incorporate your fur babies into your wedding!

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