Your Questions Answered by A Wedding Professional: Hair & Makeup

Ever wondered about your wedding skin care? Or had questions about your wedding hair & makeup? Well, don’t worry because we have you covered! We have partnered with Lilliam Ayala, the Founder & Lead Artist, of Lilly Bridal Artistry for a little Q&A to answer your questions.

How Important Is A Hair & Makeup Trial Before Your Wedding Day? At Lilly Bridal Artistry, they have many brides schedule a trial run when signing their contract, however it is not mandatory to do so. It does give them time to get to know each other, before the big day. “It’s also the perfect time to ask me about any scheduling details or questions and concerns they may have,” says Lilliam. After the trial is completed, “if a bride uses their trial as bridals, they’ll get to see themselves professionally through their bridal portrait previews. She can decide to change any small details for the day of the wedding from darker eye-shadow or maybe a different hairstyle and that is totally okay, we prefer communication of any changes they would like to change.”

Why Should You Hire A Professional? “I cannot stress enough to choose your vendor(s) wisely. Make sure they have a contract and read it thoroughly! It’s best to be relaxed and be pampered on the day of your wedding, let your artist take care of you!”

Why Not Hire Your Friend/Relative? “There have been many scary stories about hair & makeup artists cancelling on the bride a week up to a few day before their wedding due to hiring a relative or friend,” says Ayala. “If you hire your friends, it’s not the full bridal experience. This is your chance to have fun, drink champagne with your bridal party and let your artist pamper you and your loved ones. Weddings are stressful enough to plan, who doesn’t love getting their hair & makeup done?!”

Any Advice When It Comes to Choosing Their Getting Ready Suite? “Make sure that the artists have plenty of space to be able to lay down their hair & makeup kit. If there is a way to have natural lighting, then even better for us. We {Lilly Bridal Artistry} take our professional ring light just in case of bad lighting or bad weather. Some venues use yellow lighting in their bridal suite, so we come prepared just in case to ensure proper color matching.”

What Do You Suggest Everyone Wear While They Are Getting Their Hair & Makeup Done? “We highly suggest robes, button down shirts, or even rompers that you can pull downwards to easily change into their dresses; that way it will not disturb your hair & makeup application. Also, take straws that way if you have your lipstick on, it won’t disturb it if you drink. We would hate to have your hair & makeup messed up once we have left the premises.”

What Services Does Lilly Artistry Offer To Your Brides? “We offer airbrush makeup applications, event hair-styling, traditional makeup applications, tattoo coverage, bridal touch-up kits, touch-up services per hour (before & after ceremony).”

What Are Some Of Your Preferred Products? “One of my preferred products depends on what my bride is going for on her special day. If she would like airbrush with a glow from within, we {Lilly Bridal Artistry} love to use Temptu S/B Formula. It has coconut extract that will give you a glow from within with long lasting longevity, sweat proof and is water resistant. We love using top professional products used by makeup artists, such as Embryolissee to prep and moisturize our clients’ skin. Sonia Roselli, Tatcha, Tilbury and Marc Harvey are perfect for clients with sensitive skin since it has organic botanicals to reduce redness and shrink pores. Skin Care is essential prior to makeup applications. Our goal is to make sure skin looks like skin even with makeup on.”

What Are Some Of Your Preferred Products For Sensitive Skin? “All of our products are perfect for sensitive skin. We {Lilly Bridal Artistry} take pride in our selection of makeup products and skins care for our clients. They are hypoallergenic, paraben free and non-comedogenic. We use brands such as Temptu, Sonia Rosselli, Marc Harvery Skin Care line and airbrush, Kryolan, Too Faced, Nars, Senna and Graftobian.”

How Do You Combat Humidity? “The products we use are all long lasting and can combat humidity, our hairspray for hair-styling are humidity resistant. After we {Lilly Bridal Artistry} finish with our makeup applications, we use water water resistant powder and seal with a sealant by Cinema Secrets that makes it water resistant and cry resistant,” says Lilliam. The artists of Lilly Bridal Artistry ensure that makeup for the Bride and her attendants (Bridesmaids, Mother of the Bride, Mother of the Groom, etc.) is cry resistant.

When Does Your Company (Lilly Bridal Artistry) Add Another Artist Attending To The Wedding Party? “We ask our brides when it the appropriate start time that we can start our services and the ending time as well. This helps us adjust to how many artists that are needed that day. If we are on a short allocated time, we add an additional artist fee to the invoice. This is also added to bigger bridal parties of 7 or more.”

What’s Your Favorite Look To Create? “Our team, Lilly Bridal Artistry, is all about the blushing natural bride. We get a lot of brides that wear little to no makeup. Our signature look is glowing skin, rosy tone blushes, soft neutral brown shadows and wispy lashes that gives our brides the most beautiful radiant bridal look. We have a few brides that go a little darker such as a smokey brown, we can always adjust to our bride’s requests.”

What’s Your Favorite Moment On Wedding Day? “My favorite moment is when I have the bride in my chair, they’re relaxed, drinking a mimosa and writing their vows to their future husband while I am finishing their hair. When they see their hair & makeup, just like how they wanted it, and their bridal party, they are so appreciative with my bridal team and I. Once she puts on her wedding dress, it’s such a beautiful experience to get to witness it all. My most favorite time is put on the last piece to complete the look – the veil. I get so happy when their eyes are filled with joy that they realize it’s hitting them now is the time to marry their love of their life, and they feel like a queen with beautiful hair & makeup, professionally done. I always give all my brides a hug and a huge congratulations, I am blessed and honored to be part of their special day.”

Any Advice For Brides-To-Be? “Yes, when it comes to choosing your hair & makeup vendor, please choose wisely, it is one of your happiest and biggest days of your life. Ask for client pictures, ask questions and let them know if you are allergic to any ingredients or brands. If you like to would like to get a tan, it is important to at least get a spray tan at least 3 to 4 days in advance for it to look more natural. Try to let your skin breath as much as possible and be hydrated; drink lots of water with lemon to take out lots of the toxins to avoid possible breakouts. If you would change your skin care routine, try to do it at least 6 months before your wedding date. This helps your skin to adjust the changes properly and not have bad reactions, so your skin can be fully prepared for your big day.”

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