3 Tips for Starting Your New Year Off Right While You’re Planning Your Wedding

So you got engaged over the holidays and you are wondering what comes next. Luckily, we here at Birra Weddings & Events have complied a list of 3 tips to kick start your wedding planning in the new year.

  1. Update your calendar! Have a calendar for 2020 (digital or written) that both of you look at where you can put all of your vendor meetings, payment dates and reminders into. This will help you stay on track and not get lost in the wedding planning. Be sure to check it often!
  2. Make some time to spend together with no wedding talk! It’s easy to get overwhelm with wedding planning, especially if you talk about it 24/7 so take some time to go on a date, relax and enjoy your time together. Take some time to spend with your friends with no wedding talk as well – they might not want to hear every single detail about your wedding each time you hang out.
  3. Hire professionals who are licensed and insured! This is one tip that we can’t stress enough – always hire licensed and insured professionals. The reason being is that they know what they are doing. Their experience and systems will make your wedding day run as smooth as possible.

These three tips will help you stay on track with your wedding planning throughout the new year. If you are starting to feel overwhelm with wedding planning, please contact Birra at hello@birraweddingsandevents.com or through our contact page.

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