Clever Ways to Use Social Media: Before Your Wedding

When Should You Use Social Media Before Your Wedding?

You can use social media to keep up the excitement with your wedding plans with your friends and family. But be sure to keep some details a secret! You want to make sure your guests are surprised and delighted when they arrive.

When Is It Acceptable To Use Social Media?

Emails and text messages can be used for invitations to informal or casual engagement parties, bridal showers or other pre-wedding together. However, please make sure to issue those invitations to each person individually by avoiding group messages. Alternatively, you can use social media invitations for causal and informal events by issuing an invite to each person individually. You can certainly post your photos and detail shots from these events on your social media accounts.

Before the wedding, you can post pictures of your wedding planning process. The most important thing is to make sure to not to overload your friends and family with wedding details. You want to make sure you leave some details a surprise to delight your guests.

To Hashtag or Not To Hashtag?

Hashtags are all the rage and they can be super fun to create! Why is it good to have a wedding hashtag? Because it will create an archive on social media of all of your photos that have been tagged using that hashtag. This means that you can view the photos your guests took of your big day!

Is it necessary or traditional for you to have a wedding hashtag? No, so it is up to you and your S.O. to decide if you want one. If you do decide to use one, be sure to use your chosen hashtag on all of your wedding related posts and pictures. This hashtag can be used before and during the wedding; and when using a wedding hashtag, stay consistent and use your hashtag(s) on all of your wedding posts.

Hashtags are great to help get your guests involved without throwing the planning process in their faces. Curious how to generate a super cute hashtag? Then check these tips out!

Make sure to capitalize the first letter in each word to make things easier to read. For example, #WeddingPlanner vs #weddingplanner

Incorporate your first or last names together

Incorporate your wedding venue location

Shorter is always better!

Ask your friends and family for ideas, there is sure to be a funny one in the group who can come up with something fun!

Do a little social media search to make sure it’s not already taken

Stay tuned for our future blog post – Clever Ways to Use Social Media (During the Wedding)!

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