Everything You Need to Do After You Get Married

Congratulations, you are married! Now what’s next? Luckily, we have complied a list for you to check off after the wedding!

Wedding Attire ~ Gowns

You spent so much money on your gown and accessories so here are some tips to taking care of it.

Your Gown, Train, and Veil: Either you or have someone hang up your gown as soon as possible. Take all three items to a trusted cleaner who specializes in wedding gowns to have it cleaned, especially if something was spilled. Your cleaners will store it in a container with your veil and train that you can place in a dry place (such as a closet shelf).

Headdress: Any headdress that is not attached to your veil should be carefully placed into a hat box that you can store in a dry place (such as a closet shelf).

Bouquet: If you are keeping your wedding bouquet, put someone (such as your parents, or maid of honor) in charge of taking it to your florist to be persevered while you are on your honeymoon

Wedding Attire ~ Suits & Tuxes

Everyone is individually charge in of returning their rental items such as groom’s and groomsmen’s suits and tuxes. Make sure to reminder everyone to do so!

Thank Yous

Send Thank You Notes within 2 months of the wedding.

thank you cards – send thank you notes within 2 months after the wedding – the bridal society workbook

Name Change (If you are changing your name)

If you are changing your name, you need to make sure you let the following know: DMV, Social Security Administration, the IRS, your state tax department, voter registration, the post office, your bank, investment companies, the company you work for and credit card companies. Though you will have let others know, the others you can do as you go along.

Selecting Your Wedding Photos

Sit down with your favorite beverage and go through them together. You don’t have to be in love with every photo. So, don’t be afraid to get second opinions from your family and friends.

Keep your photography package in mind. If you want to go over the selected amount of photos, then you need to have a budget in mind. It’ll be too easy to go over the selected amount of photos so be honest with each other if you love certain photos.

Don’t forget to get pretty frames to hang up your beautiful photos!

Bank Accounts

Before your wedding, be sure to have a discussion on weather you will be sharing a bank account. And set up a household budget (if not already living together).

Legal Documents

Make sure to update your insurance and life insurance as your living wills. Be sure to verify that all official, legal list that you are married.

Leaving Reviews

Wedding Professionals love it when you love them a honest review and hearing what you thought of our services. It’s best to turn in your review within a month or so after your wedding, though the sooner the better.

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