Unplugged Ceremonies

Unplugged ceremonies is a trend that is on the rise and it’s becoming a must have!

What is an unplugged ceremony you might ask? Well, it’s where you ask your family and friends to put their phones, cameras, and devices away during your ceremony.

Unplugged Ceremonies can allow you and your guests to have an more intimate experience by living in the moment. They also allow your photographer that you have hired to capture gorgeous shots without them competing with your guests for the best shots. This also allows your guests to be present in your big moment.

Be sure to ask your photographer for examples on why you should have an unplugged ceremony and they can show you many of their shots where a guest’s cell phone or tablet have gotten in the way. (Also featured above).

To sign or not to sign? That is the question. The answer is truly up to you and your other half. if you feel that your guests wouldn’t pay attention to the sign or that is would be in the way of your design, then don’t put one up. You can get the information across to your guests by placing into your programs.

Regardless if you have a sign or not, always a good idea to have your officiant make an announcement before the ceremony begins to ensure that everyone has put away their devices.

Still unsure about unplugged ceremonies? Then check out this article from Today on unplugged ceremonies!

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